Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some scary sh.....

Did you know that the United States military is the weakest that it has been since the early 1900's???

Hey you liberals! We don't get to enjoy all of the freedoms that we have because of a weak military, no weapons, and an absence of brave soldiers-

Libya is missing 10s of thousands of shoulder-held heat seeking missiles-frighteningly accurate-able to blow a commercial aircraft right out of the sky.  Libya is also a great hiding place for al-qaeda.  Libya's creepy leader hates us-Americans, our way of life-everything about us.  Iran's ahmedinajad marches around the UN (located in the heart of NYC-just in case ya didn't know), talking about his hatred for the US and Israel. (Ya think we could go marching around Iran talking that smack? ask those hikers that thought it would be cool to hike on the Iranian border).  In planning a spring trip for our family-my travel agent suggested Mexico-I told her that she was nuts.  She recommended a "fabulous family resort"-a 45 minute drive from Cancun.  "Are you out of your mind!?!" I asked incredulously.  "Do you read the reports?" I'm ready for one of those drug lords to hop on a plane at the airport in Mexico and do something terrible-I'm not going to Mexico, and then taking my beloved family on a 45 minute trek to some resort-
Yes, I'm rambling again-
I'm exhausted.  I'm working twice as hard to keep the business that I have, then doing some more voice over (requiring extended trips to various places)-to provide some extras for my family.  Is the American Dream still alive?  Does it even matter?  Will the US still be around in a few years? Was talking to a theological experts of sorts.  She was telling me that a western nation is not mentioned in the Bible as it speaks of "The End Times". 
Our president seemingly turns his back on our troubles-goes on vk-lies to the American people, no one seems to care-plays golf, and has the bizarre goal of raising the most money of any presidential candidate-a whopping $1billion.  Maybe it's just better if he stays away-after all-he's only accomplished 80% of what he set out to do to our country.  Look at what that 80% includes.
yes, I know that this is a rambling mess-I don't mind paying the tab for those that can't fend for themselves-our disabled, our elderly.  But the rest of you? We're not working to pay for you to sit around on your arses and do nothing.  Wake up people.  We can't afford you anymore.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

Obama-if you want him, you can have him

As I look at the devestation of the midwest, between the flooding and the deadly tornadoes-I think of Barry Obama's lavish-reportedly crazy-arse-fun trip to Ireland-where he has some more "roots' (Kenya, Hawaii, Indonesia, etc, etc-who can keep track?)
Yes, I know, we here this all of the time....'and what if George W. Bush had' pulled the same nonsense.  It was reported that while Obama sent his condolences to those suffering in the midwest of his own country-he's not rushing home-he's not happy to be leaving Ireland a day early due to Volcanic ash (as this could pose problems for Air Force One).
He did however, assure the residents of the midwest that FEMA will be keeping in touch with them-now THAT's reassuring.
As each year of my life passes, I keep thinking that very little can shock me-Obama has proven me wrong-he shocks me at least every couple of days.  His ignorance, his arrogance, his ability to tell  bold-faced lies to the American people, as half of us eat it up-
Why is he not being called out on his many huge mistakes-including his disgusting remarks to Netanyahu re: restoring Israel's 1967 borders?
If you search Sarah Palin's twitter user name @sarahpalinusa -you will find obsessed liberal whack-jobs spewing hatred towards Palin & her family for something as insignificant as using a word that they don't like-
It's a surreal, constant stream of hatred (which is ironic given the fact that liberals are supposed to be the group of "acceptance")
Yet, why won't liberals take a look at the sad excuse for a president that they helped to elect?
I am Conservative Rebuplican.
I am a Christian.  I am far from perfect- but I am a work in progress.  I admit it.  My life has been a wild & crazy one.  I have learned many lessons, have been incredibly humbled.  Yet I get angry-really PISSED at the citizens of my country.  What happened to the God-fearing, patriotic nation-so proud of everything that so many made the ultimate sacrifice for??  We have a "leader" who errs in major ways-and so many of us look the other direction.  Obama has broken the budget record for presidential travel-what do we have to show for it at home??? Tell me-please...I am completely open to facts-
My thoughts & prayers go out to the victims in the midwest-
to victims everywhere-victims of crime-what many of them

Thursday, May 19, 2011

ooohhhh ahhhhhnald......

The media can't seem to get enough of the cheating governator, his Kennedy, their creepy Single White Female-esq housekeeper, & the poor love child that will inevitably end up in the news from some sort of rehab in a few years.
While I respect the whole institution of "The Kennedys", the "Camelot era", the work of the Shriver family for the Special Olympics-
The Kennedys are what they are-a family of drunks that were fortunate enough to excel at bootlegging during prohibition.
Uncle Teddy was a glorified murderer.
Dad, Johnny & Bobby were blatant womanizers, with weird mob-connections.  Ol' John wasn't even around when one of his children was born (this is even frowned upon on MTV's "16 & Pregnant"-some moral benchmark...
While I feel for this family during what is going to be a very long, difficult road-
we all have long, difficult roads-
Maria-if you wanted someone that was the opposite of the Kennedy family-
take my free advice-Hollywood is not the best place to go looking- : )
I'll be back to bitch more about this later.....

Sunday, May 15, 2011

might I add...

still getting used to writing on a laptop-don't know if that will ever happen.
I get all OCD about spelling, so this, mixed w/auto correct, works on my nerves-

Welcome to the new & improved blog of poliquest!

It's always something in my life-
Right now, it's a functional wireless router that I am waiting on-then, watch out. 
It appears that I will have to wait an additional 6 days.  I've been tweeting mostly from my
blackberry-which I have enjoyed- because when I have a piece of commentary that just can't wait, I grab
that tired smartphone, and let what it deemed appropriate, out of my system.
There are days that I wish that I was a tech nerd, but the truth is that I love the 'ol PC, AND the old blackberry (though I think that my latest berry is nearing the end of its useful life.
I could post things about my family, however, they deserve their privacy, & no offense Mommies & daddys (or however you spell that title correctly when referring to us en masse), many of us have the same, daily struggles.  (Unless you face the challenges of raising special needs, or sickly children).
If you don't agree with me, move on to another blog-I'm too busy, old & tired to argue w/you about such things.
Many of us see our children as the center of our universe, as the very things that changed our lives in such a profound way-that our own character, hopes & dreams have changed (for the most part, anyway-I still tend to drop 4-letter words on some days...it's not you, it all depends on what my seratonin levels are doing : )
So here's to a new blog, & more about why the collective world has lost it's mind.